The Month of Tulips 2023

The Month of Tulips means the month when you can see tulips on drawings decorating oncological departments of hospitals. It is a month of understanding and hope for oncological patients and their close ones.

It is an event carried on each year in March by Amelie, a non-profit organization which provides support to this large group of people. Everybody knows someone diagnosed with cancer. It is a very exhausting and distressing illness and psychosocial help to these people and those surrounding them is tremendously useful. It can be done by volunteers in hospitals or by specialists in Centres like those one run by Amelie.

Unfortunately in Czech Republic such a help has not been widely spread for now. And people sometimes even do not know that they need it and that they can look for it. In the Centres of Amelie in Prague, Liberec, Olomouc and Rakovník, the oncologically ill people and their relatives can get information and advice from psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers. The Month of Tulips aims to get this through to broad public.

This is the objective of the event. Spot the campaign in hospitals, in Centres, in public space. And come and visit Amelie where workshops and lectures will be taking place the whole month of March.

You can also support the organisation and its programs for oncologicaly ill and their close ones:

Check the web site or FB (in czech).

Beneficial tulips are sold from 1. march to 31. march on