Support us

We believe that our service can help. But our free service needs various forms of funding. We appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

These are ways how you can help us:

  • donation agreement: a completed donation agreement can be sent electronically to, or by mail to Amelie, z.s., Šaldova 337/15, 186 00 Praha 8, or personally delivered to Amelie Centers.
  • by bank transfer, send any amount to CZK current account Amelie 210 119 87 99/2010.
  • cash: we are available every weekday or by telephone arrangement in our Centers
  • through donor payment gateways – czech one
  • by sending a donor sms
  • by bank transfer or standing order repeatedly (eg. 100) to CZK Amelie collection account 229369762/0300.
  • cash deposit in one of the sealed collection boxes (in Centres and events etc).

You can also help by:

  • performing services in favor of Amelie, such as graphic work, printing, profesional advice
  • donating office supplies, for example paper, toners and others.
  • for volunteer programme in hospitals we are continuously looking for: magazines, tea, coffee, art supplies, as well as rewards for volunteers.
  • we also need for Centers: crackers or other durable snacks, tea, coffee; hygiene supplies such toilet paper, cleaning agents; art supplies.

What do I get ?

  • great feeling from helping others in crisis. Thank you!
  • possibility of tax deduction. Direct financial donations can be deducted from the tax base.
  • you can see real positive contribution of your donation. You can get current info about activities inside Amelie on our web, or a regular newsletter (please login to our newsletter), annual report and the latest news is on Facebook and youtube.
  • transparency – our accounts are transparent. See how we treat donations in annual reports a audits (in czech). For more information contact Amelie office.

Read english version of annual Activity report to find out more about Amelie.